Birth of The Alliance

As how the saying goes, New Year, New Me! Monstax too has a brand new story to speak for 2022. If you have been a big fan of Axie Infinity, you probably have seen the rise of gamefi DAO’s such as YGG & Avocado. The scene is continue to grow from a simple game scholarship to something much bigger than before.

The question is, how do we stay with an advantageous edge in this scenarios? Despite, MonstaxGuild is one of the largest guilds in Malaysia with over 1,000 scholars, it will still be not enough to create a voice. Hence, with numeral discussions, MonstaxGuild together with Metapac Guild, Hooga Gaming, The Lambda Society, Gaming For Good, Lorcan Gaming, Genxies & Solx Gaming Guild has come to a conclusion to unite our strengths for the greater good in growing the scene in the country.

Alpha Alliance Official Logo

This unique alliance will be able to unite the strengths of each individual guilds to become a much bigger force to move in the meta-verse. To begin the very first joint effort with Metapac at main lead, we are going to kickstart thousands of scholars in WonderHero together to create a healthy DAU for WonderHero.


WonderHero will officially begin on the 18th of January & we are extremely excited to bring as many scholars as we can on board this journey. Regardless it is as a Monstax Scholar or an Alliance Guild scholar, we hope to grow the Play2Earn community a bit at a time.

As we await for V2 in Axie Infinity, we believe a wider variety of games will enrich our communities gaming experience & also an additional chance to earn additional income through P2E.

If you are looking for WonderHero scholarships you can head to each guilds that are labelled above to enquire more details. For Monstax, you can check us on our twitter.



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